Map power is a professionally run organization that provides technical sales & services in high voltage transmission line segment.
Established in the year 2006 the organization has been involved in this field with the top of the line products with very high technology.
The company initially started as sales re-presentation organization, representing few Indian companies in the field of power transmission and is now representing reputed  organizations from Italy and Switzerland  & South Africa.
Map Power represents:
  • Tesmec, Italy for stringing equipments & tools.
  • Chopperworx, South Africa for all transmission line construction activities like survey, erection, stringing, inspection and maintenance.
  • Verescence - LA GRANJA INSULATORS.
  • Arruti - Power Transmission Hardware & Fittings.
  • Bystrup, Denmark, specialized in power pylon design.
Map Power is responsible for sales and after sales services of Tesmec equipments in India and in other ocountries like UAE, Oman, Nepal, SriLanka and Bangladesh.
Over the years Map Power has evolved to add on support services like; 
  • Installation and Commissioning of stringing equipments  
  • After sales service support 
  • Training to the equipment operators & maintenance staff
  • Supply of spares
  • Annual maintenance contract for tension
  • stringing equipment