Verescence insulators have installed more than 100 million insulators installed worldwide.
Verescence have a long experience in the making of glass insulators since 1932.The state of art production facility is based at Segovia, Spain.
All their range of glass insulators produced, comply with the main international & national standards such as: LEC, ANSI, CSA, BS, Nf, UTE, UNE, DIN, etc.
For each standard there is a wide variety of meachanical resistance ranging from 40 KN upto 400 kN, for both direct Current (DC) and Alternative Current (AC). Within each standard each mechanical loads, four different profiles of insulators are available.
  • Standard Profile
  • Anti pollution or Anti-fog profile
  • Open profile or Aerodynamic profile
  • Spherical profile

Verescence La Granja  insulators are equipped with a laboratory designed to carry out all the sample tests and type tests that comply with the standards established by IEC, ANSI, CSA, BS, NF, UTE, UNF & Others. The laboratory is ENAC accredited according to international standard UNE- ENISO / IEC 17025.



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