Chopperworx is a South African helicopter Air services company that provides turnkey engineering solutions through specialized helicopter applications.

Chopperworx is expert in the execution of low speed operation in the air space up to 100 meters  above the  ground level.

Chopperworx has a large fleet of A5350BB Ecureuil helicopters, which are renowned for their  high performance,  safety &  low operational cost.

Most of the Chopperworx pilots are military veterans with comprehensive international experience. They are expert aviators  & highly skilled. For Chopperworx, experience level of pilots exceed 7000 flight hours per pilot.


Services offered by Chopperworx:

  1. Power line survey
    1. LIDAR: Lidar survey, more specifically helicopter based corridor surveys are carried out by Geom., a sister company of Chopperworx, highly accurate & cost effective survey data can be provided.  (LIDAR output …)
    2. Detection of hot connections more…
  2. Energized power line services
    1. Aerial live line work.
    2. Chopperworx has been actively involved in the field  of high voltage power line repairs & preventive maintenance operations. Chopperworx personnel are specifically skilled to work in the energized environment of transmission power lines ranging from 132KV to 765 KV.
    3. Some benefits of Aerial live work
  3. Insulators Washing
    1. Chopperworx provides services of insulator washing for live line systems upto 765KV.
  1. Telecommunication
    1. Chopperworx can provide its  services for:
      • Fiber optic lashing (ADL)/Sky wrap
      • All Di-electric Self Support (ADSS)
      • Live Line OPGW replacement...
  2. Construction of Power Lines

  • Chopperworx services can be availed for concrete foundations, erection of towers & stringing…



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